Training Hard

Ultra distance running is not easy. More importantly, it’s not easy to do it alone. Getting guidance and coaching along the way, whatever your long distance goal, is something I can help with, from race strategy to training programmes. We will devise weekly personal training plans with sessions aimed towards your short term and long term goals.

Long Distance

Your personal training plan will be adapted through regular or weekly contact via email and Skype from wherever you are training, be it pounding the streets of London, the rolling hills of the British countryside or a beach in Australia. Any questions or problems, you can email any time and we’ll figure how how to make your training work best for you.


I will use the lessons I have learnt from racing 100 milers, enjoying multi-day events, finishing marathons and limping along the final third of races, being paced by my Mum (Cheers Ma) to provide you with an individual training plan suited to your work/life situation and your ambitions.


Robbie Britton, Natalie White, Ry Webb and Majell Backhausen have been involved in competitive sport since early ages, helping others improve as they have themselves. Together they are providing quality ultra marathon coaching for runners all over the UK and around the world. Depending on your goals, experience & ambitions you will be given a coach that can help you progress as an ultra runner.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in improving your long distance running then get in touch at and we can take it from there. Once we’ve worked out your current training, goals etc. We can organise an initial consultation on the phone or Skype.