Epic on the Thames Path and a bit of sprinting in Scotland.

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After an epic weekend at the Thames Path 102, which saw great efforts by some first time 100 runners, course flooding, a near flawless effort by Centurion Running to stage another great race and victory for “an overweight alcoholic” (Martin Bacon’s words, not mine, I think he looked quite svelte crossing the line and picking up his beer) and Debs Martin-Consani, it is nearly race time for me and I am itching to get going, the TP runners really inspiring me in tough conditions!

I believe the Thames Path was much tougher than the conditions I had to run in last year, mainly due to the difficult ground underfoot. The cold weather wasn’t too bad for running, a little chilly for crewing though. I felt honoured to be able to hand out some very well deserved medals and hard earned buckles at the end of the race and most people thought I was James Elson anyway. They must have thought you got better looking after a couple of nights without sleep? 

It is merely a cheeky 50k for me up whilst many are running 100k at the Anglo-Celtic plate in Perth, Scotland. A test of fitness for the 24hr World Championships in May so I should be alright averaging 9 minute miles right? Do you reckon I would be happy with that?

So 50k is a middle distance run I reckon? Guys run it in sub 3 and enjoy it, but unfortunately the life of a 24hr runner doesn’t involve much in the way of speed work… Does it? An interesting thought.

There are those who think you should run slow and long for a long and slow race but I reckon that will only ever get you there slower than last time. Train fast, run fast, have fun, as much as my training as possible is done as fast as possible and whilst I was going to go for a sub 4 hour 50k PB I have now decided to go for sub 3.30 and try pick up my first sub 3 hour marathon on the way. To try for anything longer belies the effort I’ve been putting in this year. I may well fail, but I’m going to give it a crack.

Chances of me doing this? Well I feel good, I am running fast and I have no excuse for wussing out after watching the Thames Path runners go through all kinds of misery and pain last weekend. Lest we forget that the people charging head first at the Viking Way this weekend (the only way to tackle such a brutal undertaking), I salute you. My race is three and a half hours of pain, that’s not even worth blogging about.

So good luck to the Viking Way runners, Bon chance for the Anglo-Celtic Plate runners and everyone enjoy the 50k fun run.

Below is a picture from last weekend of two runners leaving the Windsor check point…. It quite possibly would have been better on skis.

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