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Robbie Britton | MH2YH Training day. A nice excuse to dish out some pain…

MH2YH Training day. A nice excuse to dish out some pain…

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So for a bit of fun, Rebecca “Coxy” Cox, a cheeky but sadistic personal trainer, and myself were putting on a training day for the lads of www.mh2yh.com, 10 chaps of varying fitness, attempting to cycle, swim and run from London to Amsterdam in aid of Parkinson’s Disease. My House to Your House they called it.

My mate Dan, www.mistercastro.co.uk, had come along to film the shenanigans and we had the lovely backdrop of  Box Hill and the North Downs as our play ground. The MY2YH boys had a nice 66km run at the end of their 4 days of cycling and swimming so I was on board to help them get into the right pace mentally for managing a run like that. Coxy was here to help simulate 4 days of knackering exertion in the space of 2 hours. I was all up for getting my Uncle Alan (former S&M; club owner) down but apparently it was more appropriate to do some intense leg workouts and a bucket load of hill sprints up the Burford Spur on Box Hill. Uncle Alan runs a fish and chip shop now anyway…

The Burford Spur, hill reps. NICE.

So after our light start, we headed along the North Downs Way to Steer’s Field, about 3 or 4 miles and all uphill and from there I sent them down a lovely hill I had found, and struggled on, the other week, on the Greensands/Northdowns Link. “Off you go chaps, we’re going to sit here and eat jelly babies” and about 15-20 minutes and 100m up and down later, they appeared over the hill again. We were starting to get worried… we were running out of sweets at the top.

We headed back down to Box Hill, via an ice cream van, to the Dorking main road and did a little bit of a lesson in pacing and boring running. We all know that Holland is flat and somewhat featureless, unless they have a massive love of windmills and floodplains, we needed to get some slogging along a road in now that they were suitably tired.

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A brief respite…

Much to my “dismay” they still seemed to be enjoying it. Jogging along as a team at the pace of the slowest man, it was a good sign, if a little irritating for the lycra clad weekend warriors on their pushbikes trying to use the same cycle path…

After a good few lengths the road it was up the the Running Horses pub in Mickleham, where the benches were taken off, wives, girlfriends and wee ones joined whilst approximately 78 burgers were consumed. These guys will have no trouble getting the calories in on their challenge. Time for some photos before we were off, all in all a good day and hopefully a helpful one for all involved, we’ll see come June when the boys are off.

A nice way to get a few miles in before the World Championships next weekend and a bloody good laugh this coaching lark. Keep an eye on MY2YH on their website, twitter and Facebook. The boys are doing good.
My House To Your House

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