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Robbie Britton | The last two years in one blog.

The last two years in one blog.

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So a lot has happened since the Tarawera 100k in 2015 and I probably should have blogged a little more. Well, a lot more.

To get this ball rolling again here’s a summary of some the best (and worst) moments of the last two years that have been written about elsewhere.

2015 World & European 24hr Champs 3rd place with 261km and Team Gold. Before and after I also managed to piss off Nike for protesting against their sponsorship of twice convicted and unrepentant drug cheat Justin Gatlin.

2015 UTMB – My first DNF at 130km after a Summer chasing my dreams in Chamonix, France. One Summer doesn’t make a mountain runner, but I’m still here trying harder every day.

2015 – My first naked photo shoot since University. The first official one, rather than just me being drunk and naked. Unfortunately the brilliant Sport magazine no longer exists, but to feature in there twice was an honour.

2016 Ice Ultra in Arctic Sweden. My first actual win in a while, a piece in the IndependentĀ and plenty of Q & A’s about running about in the snow.

2016 Trail du Velan – Winning a load of Swiss Cheese (9kg to be exact) and getting ready for the 2016 UTMB CCC and an 11th place. I actually thought I was top 10 when I crossed the line, but close enough.

2016 European 24hr Champs and knee surgery just afterwards was disappointing but has only strengthened the desire to win 24hr races.

2017 saw a sensible rehab and steady build up to the 2017 World 24hr Champs, but another disappointing performance. It really demonstrated how tough the 24hr format is. A bit of time in the mountains to recover now!

2017 also sees the start of the TrainAsONE teamĀ where I have been given the opportunity by TAO to support a select few deserving athletes to achieve their goals. Exciting times ahead for that project too.

Next up is Nats’ Xmas present of the Kom-Emine trail in Bulgaria. We’ll be supported by the wonderful Zhivko and teaming up with friend Ry Webb to run the 300-700km (depending on where you look) trail across the Balkans. We think it’s probably in the middle around 500km.

Well, thats a quick round up and I’m sure I’ve missed plenty but I’ll make sure the gap isn’t quite two years next time.

Easy now,


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