TomTom Runner GPS Watch Launch Day; Running, massage, sandwiches and squats.

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Last Thursday was the launch day for the TomTom Runner and Multisport GPS watch and Rebecca “Coxy” Cox and I had been drafted in as the Brand Ambassadors and Team TomTom running coaches for a day of fun in Battersea Park for journalists, competition winners, retailers and running clubs.

We designed the day as a workshop in improving your running and had the five key areas that we feel everyone can work on or sometimes forgets!

Goals – You should always have goals, something to motivate you and drive you forwards, be it in each session or for your whole year.

Strength – often overlooked by distance runners as unnecessary, strength and speed work is vital to improving your overall fitness and your performance as a whole. A strong core will keep you going strong throughout a race.

Pace – We’ve all done it, sprinting off at the start of a race only to be gasping for air and struggling before the finish. Pace yourself, in training, in races, with your goals, in life.

Fuel – if you’re training for an ultra marathon then you’re already a bit of a machine, so treat your body like one. It needs fuel to operate, to repair and to reach it’s potential so feed it after hard sessions and no scrimping to lose weight. You may get lighter but you will lose power, strength and energy.

Rest – Rab C Nesbitt has this bit down to a tee, sit down and put your feet up more. The more quality rest you can get, the more time your body has to grow back stronger. Adding junk miles onto a tired body will just cause damage and injuries.

So with this in mind we’ve got a wee video of the day, filming by the excellent Mr.Castro.

TomTom Runner Launch Day

The TomTom runner went down well with everyone and it was always funny to see the surprised looks and hear the noises people made when the Quick GPS located the satellites almost instantly every time. The easy to use, clear display is great fun too if you’re sprinting down Box Hill seeing how fast you can get without falling over when you look at your watch. It gave me even more respect for Roger Bannister though

The day as a whole felt like a great success and it was really good to meet plenty of fellow runners, dish out some advice, sprint against a few and learn a little bit more about the bullseye I’ve stuck on my own back with all this running! Great to meet some of the people behind Wiggle, Run24/7, The Guardian Running blog, Men’s Running and bundles of others.

My legs were a little sore the next da though, 6 strength sets followed by 6 5k runs with sprint finishes takes it out of anybody. Luckily there was 6 chances to fuel up on good food and 6 chances to get a sports massage as well.

Legs are feeling good now though and I’m taking advantage of this Brand Ambassador role to use my extra spare time to get up into the mountains and do the Welsh 3000s tomorrow.

Coxy, TomTom and I will be at a variety of events throughout the rest of the year, trying to help a few people with their running, showcasing the watch, pacing some people and generally having a good time. First stop is Race the Train in Wales and I cannot wait.

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