Running Away

In the last six years I went from running my first marathon to competing for Great Britain in the 24hr Running Championships and finishing 3rd in the World. I love this stuff. I run everywhere. I train hard, but I try not to let myself get carried away by it all – even though it’s a little painful, and it’s hard, and it’s a bit crazy, you have to love what you do, otherwise there’s no point, right? Born and bred in the South East of England, I’m currently living and training in Chamonix, France with my girlfriend Natalie and our GSP Rosa, so that we can all get better at running up and down massive hills. I fucking love a good hill.

To be honest, apart from this addictive, painful, ridiculous sport I’m in, I’m a pretty normal bloke really…


I’m proud to be sponsored by some really cool folk who can see both my potential, and the potential Ultra Marathon running has in the future.

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